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Josh & I just arrived home from almost a week in Washington DC! He went for work so I was able to tag along & spend my days exploring the city. 

Side note: He went last year too.. And I stayed home.. And a raccoon fell down our chimney the first night he was gone. Just think about that for a minute. A raccoon, screeching and hissing and eventually dying, stuck in the chimney. (Needless to say, I joined Josh in DC this year instead.)

Oh, you want a picture of it? Who am I to stand in the way..

Yep, I’ve decided to start posting my pictures a little larger, what better time to start? Dead raccoon, just retrieved out the top of the chimney.. Four days later. *sigh* That’s my hero dad with Josh, by the way. Dad & I had some nice bonding time together that week.

I’m still unpacking/getting a grip on being home again, so stay tuned for some actual DC photos!

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