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Welcome, Friends, to the 1st Bi-Weekly (maybe) Indoor Early Spring Seed Growing Awards! I’ve had 5 pots sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen for two weeks now, and I know you must just be dying to see how much they’ve grown. See here if you missed their Premier Debut!

Here are our contenders:

I know, awesome photography, right?! Ha. Sorry, folks, I’m just working with what I have. From L to R in the above photo are Mini Roses in Pots 1 & 2, Green Onions in the center pot, Cilantro in the 4th, and Basil in the 5th. A few of them have been getting ready for their closeup shots and are now coming out of hair & makeup.

Up for “Most Populated Growth”, also known as “Most Successful Germinator”, we have the Mini Roses – you may need to look closely, but I promise they’re there! Tons of ’em.

Next up we have “Slowest Germinator On The Sill” and also “Biggest Surprise, I Expected Them To Grow Much Faster Than This”  – Basil!

Nominated for the most coveted “Best New (to me) Seed” award as well as “Fastest Grower On The Sill” award – Cilantro!

And finally, a strong contender for “Fastest Grower On the Sill” until a devastating tumble off the sill on Sunday afternoon, here is the now-recuperating Green Onion! (Photo taken prior to said tumble off sill)

*round of applause*

Due to an overall lack of competition in each category, all nominees are officially the winners of their own nominated category, and for their efforts during the last two weeks will receive a MiracleGro spa day, courtesy of me. As for the Green Onion pot, which sadly had to respectfully withdraw from the competition, MiracleGro will be applied anyway in hopes for a better appearance at the next award show.

After all, it is awards season, right?

Thank you for your attendance, and as always, we hope you enjoyed the show.