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Welcome back to the photo tour through the blissful five years that Josh & I have been married! In case you’re new to this little journey down Memory Lane, check out these links:

That brings us to the very eventful year that was 2007. That summer, we ventured to Alaska to see my parents, who were living/working there for the summer. Prepare yourselves for a mini Alaskan adventure today!

We first stopped in LA & then Seattle, at which point I broke yet another pair of glasses. Am I the only one who finds broken glasses photos funny? Cause I really do.

Upon arrival in Juneau, we went immediately to the “neighborhood glacier”, the Mendenhall. Have you ever been this close to a glacier? We obviously hadn’t before this picture, because if we had we would have dressed appropriately.  Being that close to the glacier felt like we were standing in front of the fridge with the freezer door open, enjoying the breeze. (Hi, we’re tourists!)

(For further confirmation of our Tourist Status, please note the camera case slung across Josh’s torso)

We learned our lesson, and by the time we made a boat journey to see (yep) more glaciers, here’s what we looked like:

See how I’m really not smiling in the above photo? My face was so numb/frozen that this was the closest I could come. Such an attractive look.

We also went on a big scary hike up Mount Roberts in Juneau. The view was beautiful.

The view was beautiful, but the path got narrow. I had the pleasure of experiencing my first nervous breakdown. Poor Josh had to do the last leg on his own. He flew up the path like a gazelle while I literally sat on the path & tried not to look down on either side of me.

I can laugh about it now, but my blood pressure is probably elevated just from revisiting the photos.

We also took a little (itty bitty) plane ride over to Glacier Bay, & the airport we landed at looked like this:

Nope, not kidding. Those Alaskans really know how to rough it.

We had an awesome time at Glacier Bay, and had the kayaking experience of our lives, which is alluded to in this post of yore. While there, we went whale watching. The whales were really active that day, which means that we have a lot of video footage of me giggling excitedly, saying “WOWWWWW”, and audibly gasping. It was truly spectacular.  

As you can probably imagine, Josh did the remainder of his hiking in Juneau with my dad, while Mom & I scoured the gift shops for Alaskan treasure. My favorite find was artwork by Smack of Jellyfish, which is also an etsy shop. Check it out! (Nope, no one paid me to say that.)

Alaska is definitely part of God’s creation that I never had any intention of experiencing for myself, but I’m so thankful that I did! Along with the natural beauty of the mountains & glaciers, we saw tons of wildlife. For fun, here’s a list of some:

  • Whales
  • Otters
  • Seals/sea lions
  • Jellyfish
  • Moose (just 1)
  • Bears
  • Hoary Marmot
  • Porpoises
  • Clams (squirting water at us)
  • Tons of eagles
  • HUGE crows
  • The largest mosquitoes I’ve ever seen
  • Lots of salmon

Wow, I’m starting to feel like a travel agent. That’s what it does, sucks you right in! If you’re planning on a trip to Alaska, you’re in for an exciting ride.

When we left Alaska & headed back home, we flung ourselves into house-hunting mode so we had a place to go when my parents arrived back in Michigan..  But I think I’ll save that story for next time. Just so you know, I spared you from wading through hundreds of other photos from this trip.. And this post is still longer than intended! 

Here's the Hoary Marmot - in case you were on your way to wikipedia. 🙂