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I made it to February at least.

This is Round One, consisting of (L to R):

1. Mini Roses (thank you, Target’s $1 section, for getting me to again purchase a mystery packet of seeds)

2. Same

3. Green Onions

4. Cilantro

5. Basil

Soon to follow is Round Two – Parsley & California Poppy <– so excited!

I can’t take it anymore, I have big-time Garden Fever. I probably should stop browsing the garden aisle in the grocery store, and definitely should stop looking at seed catalogs.. After all, it’s only February.

But seriously, check these out!

Round zucchini!! I think I need them. They’re so cute.


This is the year of the purple bean – at least in our garden. Aren’t they beautiful? Can’t wait to get some planted.


Also, we’re thinking about trying some type of lettuce/cabbage this year, but we’ve had slug problems in the past with broccoli so I’m a little nervous. *Seriously, you don’t want to know the sluggy details* 

Does anyone have any suggestions? We’ve seen swiss chard around here but don’t really want to go that route..

*Sigh* I guess I’ll start out with my five little pots and think of spring!

OH, by the way, this guy is pretty much my dream come true: a combination of my two favorite flowers! Peony & Poppy. I’m in love.


Have you planted anything yet? What’s one thing that I should make sure to put in my garden this year? ..Just curious..