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Here’s a little “prequel” post for you about my interest in all things vintage!

I love vintage jewelry, which means I love my job. I spent the last couple days pawing through the collections of customers who came to our shop to unload the granny jewelry they had inherited. It just may be my favorite part of my job.

source, via this etsy shop

Vintage jewelry, and also vintage-inspired jewelry, has a whole new generation of followers (myself included). It doesn’t have to be museum quality platinum & diamond artistry to get me excited.. I love love love those old ‘costume’ enamel pieces! I’ve got a little collection and lots of ideas of things to do with them someday..

source, via this etsy shop

One of my favorite parts about wearing this kind of jewelry is that I know that it’s unique. It’s refreshing to see things that aren’t sold all over the place. That’s also something I like about custom-designed jewelry, another cool thing about my job (to be clear: I’m NOT the jeweler, I don’t do any design/bench work).

source, via this etsy store

Which leads us to my wedding ring. It has elements of design that echo vintage pieces, but it was custom designed to add a more modern feel (the clean lines do this, especially on the wedding band). The result? Vintage floral concept but updated for our more modern times. Love. Nice job, Dad/Josh! I love my ring & would choose it 100 times over.

So there you have it, a little vintage jewelry love! You won’t be seeing any of these things in Valentine’s Day commercials, but this is the stuff that has stolen my heart.

What about you? Do you wear vintage jewelry? Does anyone out there have a collection of enamel pins/necklaces/earrings/rings that needs a new home? I might know a girl.. *wink*

Oh, I’ve added a little “Introduction” page to my blog for those of you who are new around here.. Check it out! & thanks for stopping by.