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Raise your hand if you’re ready for some fresh new recipes to try for a nice mid-winter pick-me-up! *hands flying up all over the place*

Just in time to save the day, allow me to introduce The Good Neighbor Cookbook.

image from thegoodneighborcookbook.com

Ahhh.. A new cookbook! Inspired already, aren’t you?

I met Suzanne Schlosberg, one of the authors, through Michael at mealTrain . They have a common interest in people who are making meals to share with others, whether it be for a party or for someone in need.

Michael & Suzanne are able to swap some stories back & forth, and one of the swapped stories was mine. When Suzanne asked if I’d like to be interviewed for a “Grateful Recipient” post on her blog, I got excited! I loved my mealTrain experience, and I love a chance to share my story, so it seemed like a good fit.

Side Note: If you want to hear something funny, it goes something like this, “Hi, Suzanne, it’s Suzanne!” *NEVER happens*

Feel like you’ve been hearing about mealTrain for a while now? For a refresher, you can read about my first encounter with them, and also when Michael contacted me about the article he was working on. The Real Simple article came in a little shorter than anticipated, but what can you say..

Now that we’re all up-to-date on all things mealTrain/me, check out The Good Neighbor Cookbook post here. (And yes, I did order my own copy of the book! Newly inspired meals are on the way. Probably starting with a certain baked ziti dish..)

By the way, while we’re just clicking links like never before, head on over to the mealTrain site – you might see a couple familiar faces in the facebook corner on the bottom right.


All that clicking is exhausting! It’s just another reminder to me how grateful I truly am for my health and for my People – YOU!