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Pretty, huh? Those, my friends, are California oranges, right in Grandma’s backyard! They’re juicy and delicious.

Oh, by the way, we went to Whittier, California this past weekend for a few days full of family and sunshine. It was a good thing.

We spent time with our California family, who were so welcoming and fun to hang out with.. Not to mention they provided homemade meals nonstop for days for 7 imports from Michigan!

In the short amount of time we had there, we made it to Manhattan Beach, where Thomas got to learn how to bury his feet in the wet sand and to chase the waves back into the surf.

Here he is with his mom, my sister-in-law, Jess. I think this picture is so beautiful!

We spent a little time watching Josh hit the waves on a boogie board. That’s right, middle of January, and there he was swimming in the ocean. In the picture below, at the bottom of the wave toward the middle of the picture, there’s a little blob. That’s Josh right before the wave crushed him. Look how huge it was!

Ready for a random fact/story? This palm tree (below) that Josh is standing in front of is in Grandma’s front yard.. Legend has it that at one point someone offered to pay $10,000 for it! (Uncle Dale – if you made that up, it will now live on as a fact.) Not sure why they didn’t take the deal. I really need to try & sell the mile high pine tree in our backyard – I didn’t know there’s money in it! Let me know if you’re interested. *wink*

As you’ve probably guessed if you read the past few posts here, the reason for our trip was to attend Grandpa’s funeral. He is now buried in the Hollywood Hills, which if you knew him is ironic in the “Hollywood” way, but it is the most beautiful piece of land for a California Boy. Very peaceful.

Sorry for the bad pictures, they were taken from the car. I just wanted you to know that Southern California can really be green!

I’m glad we went. We’ll miss Grandpa but we’ll also see him again one day – of that I am certain.