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I love that this time of year, when our yard doesn’t look pretty unless there is snow on the ground, we wake up in the morning to beautiful frost drawings all over our porch windows.

What do you do to entertain yourselves through the winter months? (Speaking of entertaining, I’d like to do more of it, it falls into the category of Things I’d Like To Do Better.)

As for Josh, he can be found treasure hunting around the Grand Rapids area. For the past few years, he has tried to solve the Wyoming Riddler’s map-based riddle.The clues come out once a month and there is a flurry of map-reading and word-deciphering before the shovel comes out and the GPS gets activated.

 He goes hunting for the prize – a medallion that is hidden somewhere in the greater Grand Rapids area. Here he is at an undisclosed location looking at the base of a stop sign for said medallion..

Sometimes he brings a partner in crime – this time it was me. I stayed in the car, as I prefer to keep my involvement limited to answering his questions about the double and triple meanings of words.

It helps to know our strengths and weaknesses, right? My strengths do not include snowpants and shovels at stopsigns. But I guess I could work on that.

Alas, no medallion to be found this time. But the hope remains.