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Thanks, everyone, for all the love you’ve sent our way this week! I thought I’d share a couple things about my Grandpa that are super interesting.

1. He lived his life in Southern CA .. at least the majority of it.. and when he was young he would take the street car to Muscle Beach and SWIM from there up to the next beach, which I think is Venice? A distance of approximately 1 mile. Isn’t that cool? I always loved it when he told me that story.

2. He fell in love with my Grandma while he was in the service during the war. They wrote to each other every day and became engaged by MAIL. Then he barely made it home (on leave) in time for his own wedding.

3. He and Grandma held hands all the time. Over the 65 years of their marriage they never lost their affection for each other. Isn’t that adorable?

I may have some of my facts mixed up but I’m sure you get the point.

I wonder what kind of stories I’ll have to share someday. I guess they’ll be typed up on this blog, archived somewhere.. For better or worse. Ha!

Speaking of this blog, I changed a few things on the very top/very bottom of the page. What do you think? I’m still learning how things go, so if there’s anything I should do to make it easier to access or read, I’d love your advice!

Happy Friday, Friends!