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Love is in the air! Today is our Fifth Wedding Anniversary, and I thought I’d reminisce with a little picture tour. Like I mentioned last week, I haven’t had access to these photos for a few years now (and by that I mean I was too lazy to get a grip on them) and it’s been fun seeing them again!

Let’s start in April of 2004, when Josh and I graduated from college together. Here we are in all of our GVSU glory.

The following summer (2005), Josh traveled to LA with my family & everyone wondered why we weren’t engaged. Ha.

Obviously it was because we hadn’t been to Disneyland together yet.

Yes, that is the Alice in Wonderland ride. Don’t judge.

Now that Disneyland has been taken care of, we can go ahead and get engaged.

Oh By The Way.. Our engagement in Sept 2005 was soo not a surprise – I had been begging him to “take me away” for a while by then.

Four months later:

And the event that people still talk about today…

Our own fireworks show! Best surprise wedding gift ever!!

We were really excited to head to San Francisco for our honeymoon, & spent a few days there before driving down Highway 1 to LA & my grandparents.. I would looooooooove to be somewhere on that highway this morning!

Oh, and here’s some proof that we’re meant to be together.

Yep, it’s Josh, wearing my glasses. Who knows where his were.. Our prescriptions are so similar that we can exchange them (which obviously means that we belong together). I think this is the pair that had already been smashed by a car the size of a Radio Flyer wagon on a tiny side street of Florence. Remember that, Kara & April?

Josh, if you’re reading this, I love you, Schnookims. Happy Anniversary.. And feel free to hang out with me tonight instead of going to my brother’s birthday party! (Happy Birthday, Mark!)

(I really don’t call him Schnookims.. Hopefully that was obvious.)