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Remember back in October when I told you about the article being written for mealTrain.com? I wrote a couple paragraphs about my experience with the website and they were submitted as potential material to add to the article.

Well, last month I got an update – mealTrain.com is going to be in the February issue of Real Simple! Who knows what made it in, or especially if any of my story did, but at least something’s in there.

Exciting, right? So now we just wait for February’s magazines to come out..

..Fast-forward to last night while we were getting groceries, I was generally loitering around the magazine stand to see if the Feb. Real Simple was out yet.. Nothing.. And then, who do I see but the Magazine Lady with a full cart of new issues! In a flash I had my copy and leafed through it while walking through the store.. Didn’t see anything.

A litte later, upon closer examination, I found it!!

In true Real Simple form, under the heading of “solutions”, we have Problem Solver of the Month #8: mealTrain.com! And TWO FULL SENTENCES describing it! I almost laughed out loud. Okay, anticipation over. I understand it’s hard to include testimonials in 1 square inch of writing. Hopefully mealTrain.com will at least get some good publicity out of this mention!

There is a little something else in the works that sorta stemmed off of this write-up, so I’ll be sure to let you know about that when the time comes. I’m thinking it’ll be a liiiiiiiittle bit more of a story than the #8 Problem Solver of Feb. 2011. Haha!