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I did it!!

So I’m not the sort of person to make New Years Resolutions.. usually. But in 2010 I decided to make TWO of them, which is completely unprecedented. First (let’s just focus on this one) I resolved to get our digital pictures in order. I’ve been using a digital camera since 2003, and the pictures have found homes on several computers, including my parents’. The goal was to have them allllll on my current computer, backed up on the external hard drive, AND backed up online (starting to sound paranoid, wow).

This little project was a bit tedious, but it did come with it’s own rewards. I haven’t seen some of the pictures for years, including the ones from our wedding/honeymoon. Which means you’re in for a treat sometime soon, because our anniversary is on its way and I’ve been digging through pictures.

I’m thrilled to have this project completed and now I have good systems set up for the future. YAY!

As far as the second resolution goes, FAIL. I didn’t do it. Luckily the smashing success of #1 is outshining this sad truth, and maybe I’ll get it done by next year. But I’m not making any promises. Resolutions were soooo 2010. *wink* 

So, Friends, welcome to 2011! I’m not kidding when I say I’m glad to be here. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year. Do you make any New Years Resolutions or annual goals? Or more to the point, do you stick with them? I do.. and I don’t. Ha.