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If you live in West Michigan, you know about ArtPrize.. The two weeks right when summer ends where our city is over-run with art. This is the second year of ArtPrize, and it is once again taking over Grand Rapids in a big way.

We love it! The above installation fed directly into my love of vintage enamel jewelry and flowers combined. 

The weather has been beautiful, and we’ve allllllmost been able to get away with no coats. (No, I am not the one who joyfully races to the coat closet on the first day of autumn.)

One artist installed painted pianos all over town for people to play, so as we’re walking around we’re serenaded by lots of “chopsticks” and the occasional awesome pianist. I fall much closer into the “chopsticks” category, but I still can’t resist that magnetic pull of the piano.

For those of you out of town, next time you’re planning a trip to GR, consider ArtPrize. You won’t be disappointed!