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Hellooooooooooo everyone! Today marks exactly five weeks since my surgery – isn’t that crazy? Things have taken an interesting turn in the last week and a half. Since my last post, I swam in a pool, was able to turn on both sides in bed without pain, and felt like I could get back into more of my normal schedule. I had such a fast recovery from surgery that I didn’t see any reason why the pace would slow down…

But it did!

I actually had an increase in pain in my side – enough that sometimes it wakes me up at night, has prevented me from swimming, and has negatively affected my overall energy level. THIS is exactly the stuff that I was expecting to feel after a surgery as big as mine, but it was surprising to feel it four weeks into recovery. I spoke with my nurse about it and she wasn’t surprised. She said that since my tumor was so big, my organs may take a while to find their new places, and that my muscles will take a while to fully heal too. It is reassuring to hear that this is still normal, and the good news is that this “second wind” is already starting to abate.

Many of  you are reading this, going, “I TOLD her to take it easy!!” “She’s overdoing it and bringing it on herself!!”  .. Maybe, but I really am trying to go slowly and be careful. Especially now!

The good news is that I’ve been able to go back to work for 2 hours a day. I work for these really great people who basically tell me to come in whenever I want for as much time as I want. (Thanks, Dad and Mom!)

I’ve been a busy bee, trying to read all of my “library” books so I can return them to you!

I’m getting a grip on my emails and snail mail that I want to take care of.

And I’ve enjoyed time in the garden, as always.

Stay tuned for an invitation to a CANCER – FREE PARTY!!