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I feel like I could just post this picture today with no words.

BENIGN! Really Really Benign! Today’s appointment with Dr. Harrison was conclusive – no cancer, no worries, not going to happen again, no reason to go back for another visit, no problems in my recovery, time to move on with my life!

Don’t mind if I do.

Being in his office today was interesting: several doctors have commented on the “rarity” of my situation, and I’m guessing the other people in the waiting room probably weren’t brimming over with enthusiasm waiting to see the surgeon. Walking out to the car afterwards, I couldn’t help but tear up *just a little, the mascara, you know* because I’m thankful. Is there a way to say that so you know I mean it the MOST? I am so so thankful.

It’s been quite the summer, huh. I want to thank you for going on this ride with me. Having you, My People, supporting me, loving me, participating in the blog, sending (LOTS!) of cards, treats, emails (yes, I will eventually return to my email), visits, it has meant so much. You have humbled me, shown me what community can be – even virtually, and have I ever learned a thing or two about the power of PRAYER!

Can we talk for a minute about specific prayers I have seen answered? First off, the obvious – NO CANCER! Also, my weight has not suffered. My lungs did not have a set-back, I’m expecting to do great on my breathing test this week. My appetite after surgery was really good the whole time (you may not know, I am the queen of gagging/nausea – QUEEN). I healed from the surgery SO FAST and painlessly. Not that I’m totally finished, but I am better every day. Ugh, this is just a few things, but you get the hint. God has showered me with blessings the entire time, and I will never forget it.

To me, this whole time has been marked by God being near to me. I have never felt His presence so tangibly, and it changed a potentially dark time into one of light – you know what I mean? There wasn’t room for fear when He was so close. (If you don’t know what I mean, look back through the old posts for more details..) Not that I wasn’t scared of what I would go through, but feeling scared is different from the deep dark fear. Right?

ANYWAY, the thing to do now is mooooooove on! I’ll still be singing from the rooftops, but it’s nice to have this whole time wrapped up. Which means that this blog, which has existed For Such A Time As This, has served its oh-so-important purpose! Oh, don’t worry, you’ve got me addicted. I’ll still be here, but I won’t be posting nearly as regularly, and who knows what it’ll be about. So if you’re still interested in hanging out here, I’d probably just subscribe to it (at the bottom of the page). If you were a specific blog visitor who came to pray and support and wants to move on, THANK YOU for caring and praying. I am so grateful.


P.P.S. One random interesting thing we learned today was that it’s a good thing they removed my appendix. Apparently it had the beginning signs of strain or whatever leads to rupture. Yikes! Imagine if that was the surgery they THOUGHT they were going in for.. Hah!