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(Above picture is of me with my nephew Thomas, taken the week before my surgery)

Hey everybody! I took a few days off from the computer- which you’ve probably noticed if you’re waiting for an email from me or have been checking the blog. The email thing probably won’t get done today but I thought I’d come say hi on here at least!

Things have been going really well – I am feeling a lot like my normal self, with the addition of more rest time. I am down to 2 vicodin a day (when I do my therapy) and a baseline of motrin 800’s. I can’t believe the difference in my pain level – it’s so improved! It’s so much easier to laugh and cough and even walk around. To top it all off, today was my first shower standing up! It feels really good to feel good. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be so easy to recover from surgery like this – especially with my CF to maintain – so I am just thanking God for healing me so quickly, and thanking YOU for praying!

We have had a meal delivered to our house by one of you every day since we got home, and we are LOVING IT! Thank you so much, it’s been much appreciated. It makes it easier for me to really relax and not push my limits when I know that Josh doesn’t have to deal with every single thing on his own. Even though he has not complained ONCE about anything. I just love him!

We have an appointment for a post-op visit with Dr. Harrison on August 10th, so hopefully he’ll clear me for things like swimming and picking up Thomas (even though he told me 6 weeks for both), while still restricting me from things like vacuuming and any other unwanted housework/exercise. Ha!