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You know what’s really really nice when you’re recovering from surgery? Sleeping on and off allllll day, because you’ve been told to, because it sounds so good, and because it’s usually just not okay! Sorry if you’ve tried to contact me in these last few days, if I haven’t responded, I was probably sleeping. I’m loving it!

I’m very thankful for a restful home where I can recover without constantly “feeling” like I should be doing something else. I don’t want to take it for granted! 

Also thanks for the really good meals and other treats! Including (but not limited to) an in-house saxophone/marimba concert!! Oh yes, it’s been a fun week.

I wanted to also let you know another thing we’ve been thankful for this whole time that I may not have mentioned is our health insurance. We have a great plan, which as far as we know will cover everything hospital/surgery related. It did throw me for a loop though, because anything CF related is always covered by my secondary insurance – so no copays, no nothing, never. But this whole tumor situation had nothing to do with CF, which left me at the mercy of our primary insurance. The statements haven’t started rolling in yet, but we are expecting that whatever part of it we will be responsible for will be within our ability to pay. YAY!!!!! This is truly something to be thankful for, especially these days.

Okay. I’ve been sitting up for too long. Back to the couch for me!