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Hey everyone, this is Molly…Suzanne asked me to put a post up and let everyone know whats going on! Today is the day that we have all waited for…today Suzanne comes home from the hospital, CANCER FREE!! I’ve talked to her a few times today and she is doing amazing. Josh spent the night with her lastnight and they both slept well. This morning her epidural was turned off, and then a few hours later it was taken out. She has been able to control the pain with oral meds, continue to pray that as she comes home and gets settled she will be able to be comfortable. Also, its hard having a huge incision in your abdomen and coughing, even with a pain meds. She told me yesterday that she was more focused on her lungs than her incision, because she knows her incision is healing. She has been a real trooper when it comes to doing her CF therapies and doing them all, were seriously so proud. I look at her with this amazement that i’ve always had, and I just think she is the strongest person I have ever met. She knows that the recovery road may have some bumps, but when they’re brought up she always says, “but it’s not cancer” and smiles. 🙂 We love her so much. She didn’t have an exact discharge time, but it will be this afternoon sometime. I have had the song “Our God is an Awesome God” in my head today, he just really is. It’s hard to believe that this journey has almost come to an end, but in fact, its just beginning because God healed Suzanne from all of this because he has HUGE plans for her. I’m excited to see these plans, as i’m sure you are too. All of you have been so amazing through all of this, each one of you has been a special blessing that we can’t thank you enough for.

I’ll leave you with this thought…Suzanne said the other day,”What if we could actually see the prayers people pray for us.” Can you imagine!? That would be so amazing…Suzanne would be so covered in prayers, we’d be digging for days to try see her 🙂 Keep the prayers coming, God hears every single word 🙂 Have a great day everyone, I know I will!