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Hello bloggers.  This is Josh.  We are sitting in our room at the hospital and I thought it would be a good time for some updates.  Dr. Harrison checked on Suzanne again this morning and everything is going great!  She still has her epidural, but I think the dose going to start getting reduced today.  Please pray that she will be able to cough effectively when she does her breathing therapy, because she is going to be sore for a while.  Dr. Harrison said the normal recovery time for this type of surgery is 6 weeks, but she won’t be albe to do lifting for 3 months.  Looks like I will be the muscle for while : )  From what the Dr. Harrison said, Suzanne might be able to go home tomorrow!  Otherwise, it should be Sunday.  Suzanne will have a couple more follow up visits/ exams with Dr. Harrison over the next month, but that should be it. 

Suzanne slept “good” last night after not getting much sleep the night before.  Actually, one reason that she didn’t sleep well the first night is because she was beaming with joy through the night.  We also found out that regular activities start pretty early in hospitals when someone came to draw blood at 5 am.  Yesterday, I left the room at breakfast time and noticed a few patients walking the “loop”.  The hallways in this section of the hospital form a rectangle with the 23 rooms around the outside, and it is a popular goal for patients to take a few walks around the loop in a day.  By the end of the day, Suzanne had walked the loop 8 times!  She went out for a stroll 4 times and went twice around each time.  This exceeded the nurse’s goals, and all the nurses have been impressed by Suzanne’s recovery so far.  Suzanne gives it everything she has, and I am proud of her. 

We will keep taking it one day at a time (that is something Suzanne has taught me).  I am overwhelmed and thankful for all the support and prayers!  God is on the move.  His grace is wonderful and he has given us peace.  Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord (1 Peter 1:2).