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Hello, Everyone!  Suzanne asked if I would write to you this morning, just a note from me to you, as her mom.  First I’ll say that she had a good night, although not much sleep.  Her surgeon had already been to see her by 8 AM, the pulmonologist by 9AM, nurses, aides, meal deliveries, anyone who’s been in the hospital knows the drill.  But everyone says to her “you’ll do fine!” which is music to our ears.

Yesterday sure reminded me of the children’s book “It was a no good, terrible, awful, horrible day” (I can’t exactly remember the title, but someone will correct me, I’m sure.)  But we can now write a sequel, something like “It was a wonderful, delightful, happy, smiling day!”  Many of you who read this have been in our position yesterday, waiting and waiting.  (Perhaps most of you have not waited with quite so many electronic ways to pass time, but its a new world.)  It was much as you can imagine, other families shuffling in and out of the waiting area, everyone a little on edge and tense.  Waiting.  It really is a tough word.  We were waiting on the word from the physician, but more than that, we were waiting on the word from the Great Physician.  We knew all the time with complete assurance that Suzanne was in His capable hand, and He knew the outcome long before we knew there was a problem! 

Our family has always enjoyed words, but we have a new favorite:  BENIGN!

Benign.  What a wonderful word!

No cancer.  No life-altering treatments, endless consultations, questions, concerns, exhausting explanations, anxiety.  If God had called her to it, she would still have done “fine”, but we are simply grateful that He said “this is enough” for her right now.

Grateful.  Thankful.   Happy.  Relieved.  Those words all seem pale in comparison to the music in our hearts.  We knew going into the surgery that God is good (Ps 100:3)  and nothing can separate us from His love (Rom 8:39).  Surgery is over and we’ve had another lesson in God’s goodness  and  His love!

Years ago Ron and I learned that Suzanne was a gift from God, on loan to us.  Josh entered the picture and we had to learn to share!   We thank God that Suzanne has him to love her and help her and support her through her recovery.  And we are thankful for her expanded family, caring neighbors and work associates,  and extensive network of friends.  And for those of you who read this blog who don’t even know her, thank YOU, too, for caring in some way about our girl and praying for her.

Watch this space, Suzanne hopes to post later today! 

P.S.  She has a really long incision site!  Pray about her pain tolerance when she is coughing during CF treatments.