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Hey Everyone, its Molly–Suz’s BFF since before anyone said BFF :)…I posted the following as a comment, but I wanted to make sure everyone got the news…so, here it goes:

HEEEEEEEEEY!!!! Great news from the recovery room!!!! Were all sitting here elated at the AMAZING news we just received! Suzanne’s tumor is BENIGN!! Not only is it BENIGN…only ONE ovary was taken out sooooo NO TOTAL HYSTERECTOMY! Dr. Harrison was all smiles as he told us the good news! We were all tears (OF JOY!) and giving ALL praise to OUR AMAZING God that blessed us with the most amazing news we could have asked for! We can’t wait to share the news with Suz when she comes out of her “fog” :) Please keep praying for a painless and fast recovery! GOD IS AWESOME!! AHHHHHHHHH I can hardly contain myself! I can’t type anymore…we’ll be in contact on here with everybody SOON! Yay! :)

Were waiting for her to finish waking up and then Josh is going to be the first to see her!! She knows its not cancer, gosh we are SO THANKFUL!! Have a good day everyone 🙂 P.S. The “She only has CF” comment is from Suz’s sister-in-law Heidi 🙂