Huge half-domesHey everyone-

This is Kara, Suzanne’s cousin, hacking her account to bring you this sign-up calendar for meals.  I know Josh and Suzanne would be so appreciative of  having some meals delivered to them during her recovery period, so I went ahead and got us signed up for a calendar to help organize meal dates.  If you’re interested, please click on the link and sign up using your email address.  Then you can view dates, sign up, and even be reminded of the dates you choose!  Please understand this is just to help Josh and Suzanne- If you’re not a cook, a simple trip the store for some fresh bread, canned corn, and a deli chicken could do the trick.  Thanks in advance for your help in all of this.

The link is:


ps.  the above picture is to show our matching large foreheads.  Enjoy!