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Yesterday was a very big day for two people I love sooo much: Grandpa and Grandma Ryan’s 65th Wedding Anniversary!! Nope, I didn’t type that wrong. 65 YEARS! Mom and I had planned on being in CA with them to celebrate, but obviously our plans changed. I love Grandpa & Grandma, their committment to each loving other, to loving Jesus, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to them. Hopefully we can come visit very soon.

So yesterday could not have been a more beautiful day for relaxing down the river in kayaks.

In the picture below, look on the upper left tree branch..

We went floating right under a bald eagle! I think he liked us. We didn’t throw sticks at him or yell or anything.

Today is a Patten Family sailing day – Thomas’s first time out in the sailboat! I can’t wait!! We’ve had a pretty busy week and it’s been good, keeping me too busy to think about the surgery coming on Wednesday. After today I’d like to get some things in order in the house, so I can feel all set to go. How do you think about something enough to be realistic about it without crossing the line into “worry” ? I’m trying to figure it out..

Keep those prayers comin!