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Photo taken by Barb Patten

Pretty sure all of the sailors in our family will like this one!

When we first found out that I might have cancer, my Aunt Barb sent me this photo she took on Lake Michigan.  I asked if I could share it with you because she not only has a way with photography, but with words too.

“This view of a sailboat out on the “sea” by itself is so beautiful when you notice a few things:
1) The boat is sailing solo, but the sailor is not alone, reminding you that
Jesus is in the boat with you!
2) Others will be with you in the boat in various ways, electronically by blog, and in person as God works it out.
3) The sky is glowing because of the sun/Son!
4) The winds that seem to work against you are actually what God will use to
bring you closer to Him.  (I’m sure your dad has given you physics lessons re: sailing!)”

I LOVE that – “the winds that SEEM to work against you” – it’s exactly right! I hope you all appreciate this as much as I have. I have 6 more days until surgery and am still feeling lots of peace.

Also, in case you didn’t see from the comments yesterday, little Emma’s surgery was completed yesterday, the tumor was benign, and just on the surface of the brain! Thank you, Jesus.