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Hello blog readers.  This is Josh; I will probably be posting stuff on here from time to time.  I am thankful for the support we have received and especially for your prayers!  Speaking of which, I am amazed at how much people have been praying for us and you all are teaching me a lesson in prayer.  It has been a great testimony and I love how God has shown himself throughout this situation.  

The Bible has many verses and stories about prayer, and there is a motivational parable at the beginning of Luke 18.  There was this lady that repeatedly went to an unjust judge with a plea for justice.  After refusing many times, he finally decided to grant her justice because of her persistence.  Jesus told this to his disciples to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

Thanks for praying – I’m realizing more and more how important it is.

p.s.  We found out last night that Suzanne’s cousin’s seven year old daughter Emma (I guess that makes her my 2nd cousin in-law : ) has a brain tumor and is having surgery today.  The doctors think the tumor is benign, but won’t know for sure until after surgery.  Please pray for her.

Also, Suzanne is having her final pre-operation blood work done today- pray that the results come back all within normal ranges again!