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Well, last night we did it.. We got out a ruler and measured 17cm. I was told that the “mass” inside me is 17x13x9cm, which kinda got lost to me around everything else we learned that day. Let me tell you, this is biiiiiiiig. Like, it’s taking up a decent proportion of space in my gut these days. I’m glad to be getting it out of here!

Looking at 17cm on the ruler gave me a perfect chance to let myself worry about where this is going, what it’s gotten itself into in there. I know there is a chance that my uterus, ovaries, the omentum (abdomen lining), maybe even intestines/colon could be under seige from this apparently giant thing. But I am not going to let this ruler get the best of me. My God has told me that even the very hairs of my head are numbered – He had this situation under control way before we hit 17cm! 

I would much rather defer to the Ruler of the universe than a measuring stick. So, I am not worrying. Instead, I am bringing it to God, and asking for these things:

1. For the mass to be cancer free.

2. For a simple, clean, complete removal of it, without having to disturb too many extra organs.

3. Continued peace of mind, and a sense of His presence around us.

4. Complete healing!

Thanks for praying with me –  and for not giving over to fear. God has given us the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. And I am so grateful.