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So yesterday afternoon, we got a call from the surgeon’s office telling us that he had a sudden opening in his schedule for surgery on July 21. His nurse called because he wanted me to take the time slot. I of course was immediately filled with anxiety at a real date in the near future, while everyone else was thrilled to have something on the calendar. I’m working on the anxiety thing – but hopefully we’re all praying about that!

BY the way. This blog had over 200 visits on it yesterday! I’m taking that as a lot of praying going on, so it has me just beaming in my computer chair.

This surgery date thing is pretty incredible. Yesterday after my appointment, we thought that we would need to choose a date, which meant maybe changing surgeons, and we didn’t feel like we knew best how to make that choice. (Do you wait a month for the surgeon you met today? Or do you go with the stranger, in 2 weeks, who you’ll have to still meet with for an exam?) Getting this phone call erased our need to make a decision. *relief*

Also, July 21st is the day after Josh’s last day of work in his summer teaching program! He is going to have to miss the trip to Boston with his kids still, but he’ll be done teaching. He then will have a couple weeks off – right when I’ll be recovering from surgery.

Who here believes in coincidences? Not me. This is ALLL God’s timing, and He made it visible to me again! You wouldn’t believe what this does as far as relieving my anxiety. How could I not trust Him in this situation? He’s handing it to me on a platter!!  AHHH I love this blog! I’m so glad I get to tell you all this story!

Today Josh and I are meeting with a pulmonary doctor here in GR. (Yup, got a next-day appointment – have YOU ever been able to do that? It doesn’t just happen.. Too bad I don’t believe in coincidences.) We’ll be discussing the surgery situation with him, so stay tuned for an update later today!

Thanks for praying, I am so so grateful.