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This morning I had a consultation/exam with my surgeon, Dr. Harrison. It was a “cautiously optimistic” appointment, his words. They are not fully convinced that my tumor is cancerous. Some signs point to ‘probably’, some to ‘probably not(!!!)’. Either way, it is complicated and evolved into different areas in my abdomen, thereby potentially affecting different organs. He said they could need to remove some of my reproductive organs or even pieces of my intestine/colon, but he did not say that he thinks it’s probable.
Basically, it’s going to be a big time surgery, and I’m going to be on a ventilator for it. Because I have pulmonary issues that could overlap this, we are going to meet with a local pulmonary Dr. before we proceed with a specific surgery date. It will probably be a month out, from what I can best guess. I could change surgeons and try for 2 weeks from now, but we want to make sure that we connect with this pulmonary specialist first – he could need even to be present during the surgery.
The overall tone of this morning is good. Scary surgery coming up, but it can’t be avoided and I know that God can handle that. We are so thankful that there is talk of this not being cancerous, rather than finding out that things were even worse than we expected.
Sooo.. Having said that,
Things I am thankful for today:
1. I was just told that I might not have cancer!
2. A great night of sleep, woke up dancing around the house.
3. I get the feeling that I am in very capable hands, and I live in a place where my special health needs are being MET.
4. I started my blog!!  My further updates, etc will be posted here. Yes, I expect to have lots of feedback on here. That means YOU.
Things to pray about:
1. This surgery thing is going to be a really big obstacle for a girl who is no longer 8 but still doesn’t even like to have her blood drawn.
2. We are waiting again – pray for peace of mind so that we can just enjoy this summertime.
3. We have options of which surgeon to use/which date to operate, and we want to make a wise decision.
4. Healing!
Thank you, always, for praying. We know that is really where it counts. What surgeon could operate without God enabling him?