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I wanted to show you something from when we were getting ready to leave for the consultation this morning. Please note the little pin on my sweater – it’s Grandma Ryan’s, her initials, that somehow has ended up in my hands. Grandma is a cancer survivor, and she is also near to my heart. Even though we aren’t physically together, it was solidarity all the way today!

Okay, since we’re new to each other, I feel like we’ve got to have a chat. This blog is here to share medical information, but what I am really hoping for is a sense of community. I want to talk about real things with you, but blogs are a little scary in the sense that you put everything out to the universe.. and then.. maybe no one responds.

When you have a comment about something you read in your head, please share it with us! When you read my posts, see what other people have been saying too. It is important to me to not be alone in this (and you have amazed, amazed me with your show of support already), but let’s get this thing going so that we can all be encouraged, supported, and so that God can be glorified. We need all the love we can get!! I am craving your participation in this, and it looks like we’ll be together here for a while.